Benevolent beech trees


Bowled over by the beauty of Pheasant Road today, our nickname for Challick Lane as it climbs up out of Bulland Ford. The beech trees along the top have shed enough leaves to make a bright rusty carpet below yet held on to green, orange and yellow leaves in their branches. Other trees are the same, sporting many colours across one set of leaves. The morning fog has almost cleared but enough mist remained to highlight the rays of sun seeping through the informal avenues.


Saw a local friend who pointed out the unusual state of the beeches. She walked around Clatworthy yesterday and said she has never seen them hold so many leaves at this time of year. Perhaps its the lack of winds or the warm temperature. Whatever it is, the countryside is regaled with their splendour. Cue applause.

To cap it off, a flash of steely blue and dark orange in the hedgerows along Dulverton Lane, as three nuthatches danced up, down and between the boughs.

Nature, I doff my cap.