Hedgerows in bloom

There’s nothing like the hedgerows once the wildflowers start blooming. 

From the end of winter the carpet flowers arrive, waves of snowdrops followed by primroses, prickly white balls of garlic and eventually bluebells. Later, as spring becomes summer, the tall, architectural plants take over. Towers of foxglove, rosebay willowherb and sanfoin dominate whole sections of the hedges. But in between, delicate pinks, blues, whites and yellows creep forward, sometimes in rashes like the campion and cow parsley, sometimes in shy isolation like the easily overlooked wood avens. 

I only know a few names, and use guides to work them out, and there will be varities that I miss completely. Even with this half knowledge, I took the camera out when walking the dog up Maundown hill and snapped 20 different flowers. 

  1. Yellow archangel
  2. Hawthorn blossom
  3. Bush vetch
  4. Green alkanet
  5. Speedwell
  6. Wood avens
  7. Gorse blossom
  8. Red campion
  9. Bluebells
  10. Honesty
  11. Hybrid campion
  12. Spearwort
  13. Pignut
  14. Welsh poppy
  15. Herb Robert
  16. Stitchwort
  17. Dog violet
  18. Cow parsley